Northumbrian Smallpipes
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Bellows are made from hardwood and hand sewn to a natural finish leather cover. The blow pipe tube, arm strap and belt are also made from leather. 
All bags are  handstitched leather, supplied with velvet cover

On a standard set, 7 keys are provided on a chanter pitched in G, F or D
(quotations for other pitches available)

On a normal 7 keyed instrument pitched in G the  chanter can be played in G, D, E minor, A minor and modal A. The musical range of the chanter can be extended by adding up to 17 keys.

A spare chanter reed is supplied as standard. The small pipes have four drones and are tuned to suit the chanter, extra drones can be added to give further tones.

Each drone is open ended with a modified piston valve and tuning bead. The tuning bead allows the drone to be tuned one tone higher